These days, with access to information readily available we face the challenge to create clear and concise financial quotes, which enable the client to plan & budget the costs involved and to compare with the other offers they may have received.

For Corporate services we charge fixed fees specified from our price list for the respective jurisdiction. Services breakdowns are made on a monthly basis, giving our clients the opportunity to control their expenses.

For Investment services and transactions a flat rate is usually defined depending on the nature, complexity and scope of our services. The expenses for the outsourced services are separated.

For Business consulting and tax planning where possible, we determine a flat rate based on time spent for a specific project. Unusual or complex projects are charged based on different hourly rates. In the case of permanent cooperation the remuneration defined on an hourly basis could be replaced by a fixed flat rate.

For Family office we determine with the client the range of services and then offer a fixed annual flat rate.